Guubii Elderflower Alcohol-Free Aperitif

$28.50 $31.07.

✰ Serving Temperature 37 -39℉
✰ Storage Temperature: Below 50ºF

Grape: Riesling

✰ Alcohol Content: 0.0%
✰ Aperitif
✰ Germany
✰ Calories: 29 Kcal/100ml
✰ Sugar: 6.5 g
✰ Seal:  Screw Cork
✰ Volume: 750 mL
✰ Vegan

✰ Gluten Free

✰ Recommended With: Salads, Appetizers

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Non-alcoholic aperitif. Indulge in the world’s pioneering non-alcoholic sparkling wine aperitif, crafted from premium Riesling with a subtle touch of vinegar.

Discover an unparalleled pleasure, tailor-made for enthusiasts of wine, sparkling blends, and champagne seeking rich aromas, multifaceted flavors, and a luxurious body.

Whether you’re savoring Guubii elderflower, non-alcoholic aperitif alongside a succulent steak or toasting on a balmy summer evening, Guubii elderflower enhances every moment and celebration, forging connections and creating cherished memories along the way.

The realm of wine extends beyond traditional alcoholic offerings. GUUBII—a revolutionary addition to the world of beverages, where tradition meets innovation to craft a truly exceptional experience. Through tasting, sharing, and embracing the GUUBII journey, you become part of a unique product and brand narrative that celebrates the fusion of heritage and creativity.

Embrace GUUBII’s distinctive herbal flavors at any time, treating yourself and others to its unparalleled taste sensations. With two varieties currently available (Elderflower and Ginger/Lime) and more in the pipeline, GUUBII promises a journey of discovery and delight, inviting you to revel in its uniqueness with every sip.


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