Lussory Premium White Chardonnay Non-Alcoholic

$24.70 $26.92.

✰ Serving Temperature 42-46℉
✰ Storage Temperature: Below 50ºF

✰ Grape: Chardonnay

✰ Alcohol Content: 0.0%
✰ White
✰ Spain
✰ Calories: 14/100ml
✰ Sugar: 3.5 g
✰ Seal: Screw Cork
✰ Volume: 750 mL
✰ Vegan

✰ Gluten Free

✰ Pair With:  Salads, Fish, Seafood, Buttery and Creamy Sauces.

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Lussory Premium White Chardonnay is made from the Chardonnay grapes from Spain. This delightful Chardonnay is in dry side with hints of floral notes, with preservation for its natural aromas, is a gentle and graceful wine, with a perfectly balanced taste and extremely refreshing.

Recommended pairing with: salads, fish, seafood, buttery and creamy sauces.


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