Lussory Tempranillo, Non-Alcoholic Red Wine

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✰ Serving Temperature 56 -61℉
✰ Storage Temperature: Below 53ºF

✰ Grape: Merlot

✰ Alcohol Content: 0.0%
✰ Red
✰ Spain
✰ Calories: 21 Kcal/100ml
✰ Sugar: 5.2 g
✰ Seal:  Screw Cork
✰ Volume: 750 mL
✰ Vegan

✰ Gluten Free

✰ Recommended With: Pizza, smoky dishes, Mexican food, dishes with corn, tomato sauces

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Lussory Tempranillo Non-alcoholic – Indulge in the rich flavors of this Tempranillo Non-alcoholic Wine.

A maroon red elixir boasts medium depth and tantalizing aromas of ripe red fruits. Savor each sip as the full-bodied flavor dances on your palate, accompanied by persistent tannins.

Crafted with precision, this chestnut brown beauty is filtered in a unique manner, ensuring not a trace of alcohol remains in the bottle. With every glass, you can enjoy the essence of a classic Tempranillo wine without the alcohol content.

Perfect for those seeking a non-alcoholic alternative without sacrificing taste and sophistication. Elevate your wine experience with this remarkable alcohol-free Tempranillo.

Pair it with: Pizza, smoky dishes, mushrooms, Mexican food


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