Alterno defies the notion that a life without alcohol is dull or restrictive.

Alterno rewrites the narrative, the conventional and the “norm”.

Alterno’s inception was inspired by my personal journey to discover a sustainable way of life that does not compromise the joys of existence. 

This is the story

It all started in 2020. We all made bold decisions throughout the pandemic. Personally, I chose to break free from the grip of alcohol. And that’s when I discovered the transformative world of non-alcoholic wines—a revelation that ignited a fire within me.

Fuelled by my passion for exceptional taste and quality, I founded Alterno—a brand that stands as a testament to the boundless possibilities of an alcohol-free lifestyle.

Gone are the days of feeling left out at parties or worrying about health bills and hangovers.

I handpick each of the alternative adult beverages here, ensuring only the finest flavors grace your glass.

This selection of non-alcoholic wines and spirits empower you to revel in life’s pleasures. From gatherings with friends to visits to your favorite bars, each sip of our wines encapsulates the essence of celebration and liberation.

At Alterno, it is not just about the absence of alcohol; it is about the presence of vibrant flavors, authentic connections, and a life lived without limits.

Join me as we raise our glasses to celebrate the vibrant, unbridled spirit that resides within each of us.

Welcome to Alterno, welcome to the world of non-alcoholic adult drinking.

Thank you for shopping.